$100 Pitch Challenge Give Away!

Get Ready! The World is Waiting to Hear Your Story! is giving entrepreneurs of the Caribbean $100 to launch a company within 24 hours. The competition to all entrepreneurs with ties to the Caribbean. Challenge period is from July 8 to August 8 @12pm EST. Yet the earlier you submit, the more time you have to generate more likes/shares to win.

To enter: Submit a 1-minute pitch video telling us “why are you a phenomenal entrepreneur” on our facebook page with the following information:

Please note, that each participant must register for the webinar and have the highest number of shares/likes to win. We will announce the winner on August 8th. Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “ $100 Pitch Challenge Give Away!

  • Hello. I am thinking about participating. But the deadline is not very clear. Should we start having “likes” from right now till August 8 ? It would be great to clarify the challenge period (from when to when)

    And the challenge is about:
    – how to start a business in 24 hours
    – why are you a phenomenal entrepreneur

    Thank you for clarifying. It is a great challenge and a great initiative

    • Great question! The challenge period is from July 8 to August 8 @12pm EST. The competition is about “why are you a phenomenal entrepreneur”. The webinar is the 1 hour lesson on how to make the best use of the $100 give away. We updated the post with this information so it’s more clear. Good luck!

    • Hi Jacques

      The challenge is to submit a 1-minute pitch video stating “why are you a phenomenal entrepreneur” and the pitch video that receives the most traction (likes/shares) will be the winner.

      Likes/Shares would be counted from the moment you submit till Aug 8th when the winner is announced.

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